Model DCC-Z500 Masonry Thru-Feed Grinder

The DCC-Z500 Masonry Block Grinder is a heavy- duty machine designed for high production face grinding of CMU's using ìDi-Coated" Diamond Drums and / or vertical spindle wheels. The modular grinding station setup offers the rapid stock removal of diamond drums and the excellent finish of a vertical spindle diamond disc.  Sequential power-up of motors helps cut power cost and prevents power surge.



  • Machine: 5' wide x 16' long x 10' high
  • Electrical Control Box (Free-Standing): 1' wide x 6' long x 5' high

Weight:18,000 lb.


  • Roughing Station (Drum): 30 HP Severe Duty
  • Semi-Finishing Station (Drum): 30 HP Severe Duty 
  • Finishing Station (Drum): 15 HP Severe Duty
  • Extra Fine Finishing Station (Disc): 15 HP Severe Duty
  • 480 Volt - 3 Phase Optional: (240 Volts)                             
Coolant Requirement:
  • 10-12 gal./min./station
  • Coolant Delivery/Cleaning Manifolds
  • Thru-Spindle Coolant Of Vertical Heads

Production Rate:

  • Three Programmable Speeds Producing 12-18 Blocks/minute.
  • 22 Blocks/minute maximum

Machine Features:

  • Rigid, heavy-duty welded construction Belt/Platen multiple speed conveyor system (8-10-12 ft./min.)
  • Modular grinding cell configuration Accommodates up to four stations Head Spindles
  • Diamond grinding drums skewed for improved finish & extended life
  • Special belt drive system to suppress noise levels
  • Centralized grease fittings
  • Ergonomic design

Block Height Adjustment:

  • Microprocessor controlled height adjustment for block size changes
  • Pre-programmed settings for 4, 6, 8, 10, 12" CMU's & 16" specialty blocks
  • Height adjustment of all grinding stations can be lowered uniformly for grinding opposite side of block -- at push of a button
  • All heads simultaneously move up & down automatically determined by restrictor bar position
  • Push-button manual over-ride to change grind depth to non-standards
  • Hand-held ìZero-Out" control for calibrating individual drums & vertical wheels
  • Safety Feature--Automatic block height restrictor bar to prevent crashes

Drum Information:

  • Quick & easy diamond drum or disc change-over
  • Drums can be recoated by Di-Coat Corp. using high grade GE Diamond
  • Reconditioned or new drums supplied ready to mount with pre-installed pillow block bearings
Control Panel:
  • Free-standing control panel permits ease of operation & floor space optimization
  • Display prompts operator of required action
  • Single command to select 1st, or 2nd, side grind height
  • Digital display of fine adjustment of grinding heads
  • Each grind station may be individually active or off-line
  • Analog display of amperage draw for each grind station
  • Pause mode stops conveyor but leaves grinding heads running
  • Programmable stock removal setting for each station
  • On-screen programming

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